Corona Update: SURGE CAPACITY SOLUTIONS – The mobi is a mobile headwall (equipment consolidator) that can be set up in any space that has an electrical outlet: next to a chair, a bed, a cot in a hallway, a cafeteria, or anywhere patients need to be located. Click here for more information.

mobigo ICU Patient Ambulation and Mobility

High Acuity Patients

There is an age-old axiom that you need to move to live. mobigo ICU patient ambulation promotes safe early patient mobility and has been clinically validated to reduce length of stay in the ICU by 20-30%. mobigo will increase staff productivity and help reduce many adverse patient outcomes including ICU delirium and secondary infections.


  • Save on average $1,300 per patient
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • 20-30% reduction in length of stay
  • Increase in nurse productivity and efficiency
  • Reduction in injury and sickness due to falls and secondary infections
  • Reduction in ICU delirium
  • 10-20% Increase in surge and overflow capacity if used to expand ICU or emergency room services



ICU Patient Ambulation


  • 2 adjustable IV poles
  • 2 E-cylinder oxygen mounts
  • Large surface area for ventilators, suction units, defibrillators, etc.
  • 3-position transmission:  1) free movement, 2) brake, and 3) the option to engage a 5th wheel in the center to restricts sideways motion enabling controlled tracking for patients
  • Shelf to hang chest tubes and/or consolidate cords and other equipment
  • Ergonomic ‘shopping cart’ handle
  • 8 CMS compliant electrical outlets
  • Isolation transformer
  • UL Listed

Optional Attachments

  • Height adjustable walking handles
  • Wheelchair attachment
  • ECMO/VAD (designed for use with Centri-mag systems)
  • Antimicrobial straps
  • Optional 5lb weight bearing spinuzi hooks
LIVENGOOD Mobigo ICU patient mobility medical equipment
Mobigo ICU patient mobility durable medical equipment
Patient sitting with Mobigo ICU patient ambulation, hospital acquired illness,
Close up view of mobigo ICU medical device
Breathing device on a mobigo ICU patient ambulation device

ICU and ER Expanded Capacity

Extend Full Headwall Capability Anywhere

With the mobi, a hospital can manage daily overflow as well as disaster situations which create an unpredicted surge in demand. Mobi provides a flexible, proactive, and customizable surge solution. Mobi can be deployed as an emergency department bay on wheels in full compliance with The Joint Commission’s patient safety standards. With a floor footprint the size of a common IV pole, it can consolidate equipment, supplies, and oxygen for up to two critical patients. Its ability to extend existing headwalls has made it the most cost-effective way for a hospital to increase its surge capacity by 10-20%. Hospitals can manage overflow in the Emergency Department, upgrade a Med/Surg room to ICU-level capability, and flex their capacity without adding onto the building. It all becomes possible with the mobi.

What Customers Say


“6 months ago we implemented 12 mobis into our early mobility program. We have a very diverse population on our ICU and having the option of mobilizing them in a way that is helpful and assistive to staff while instilling confidence in the patient and family is great. We’re still working to figure out our ideal workflow but it’s given us concrete examples of how even our sicker vented patients can get mobilized safely and efficiently.”

Mark Rohlfing
RN, BSN Clinical Operations Manager Intensive Care Unit
Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital - Muncie, IN

“After completing a research study with the LIVENGOOD mobi on our post trauma/surgical floor, I realized its potential to decrease length of stay, help with staff efficiency and empower patients to be independent.”

Lorrie Henecke
MS, APRN, ACNS-BC, CNRN Clinical Nurse Specialist
Medical Center of the Rockies, Loveland, CO

“We are so excited that the mobi helped us ambulate our very first vented patient.”

Esther Vandermeulen
University Health System - San Antonio, TX

“The LIVENGOOD mobi is very user friendly, safe and a great solution to use minimal staff and be able to contain all of the patient’s equipment.”

Michael Saccone
Saint Joseph's Hospital - Syracuse, NY

“I think the LIVENGOOD mobi will revolutionize the way we mobilize patients in the ICU. I saw patients mobilize sooner and with less anxiety with the mobi. One young patient was even able to walk outside with the mobi and her portable vent. Having the mobi made mobility a real team effort, not just a P.T. activity.”

Terra Terwilliger
PT, DPT - Adult Inpatient Physical Therapist
Rehab Services University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview Health System

“The LIVENGOOD platform allows my patients to be active and independent without attention being diverted to multiple lines, an oxygen tank, and other medically necessary devices. It allows patients to have hope and a sense of “normalcy”, which so often is lost after trauma or surgery.”

Jessica Gilbert
Staff Physical Therapist - Medical Center of The Rockies -Loveland, CO

“Six years ago I was introduced to the LIVENGOOD mobi. This piece of equipment has been life changing for my patients. I am now able to consolidate all of the patient’s medical devices onto an easy to push mobile platform, therefore freeing up both of my hands to safely assist my patient.”

Tanya Kensley
Poudre Valley Hospital -Fort Collins, CO

“Mobility is Life, the mobi platform will help patients move again.”

Blas Villa
University Health System - San Antonio, TX

“I was at NTI in Boston (2013) and, during the exhibit portion, I wandered across the LIVENGOOD booth. At that moment, I knew our hospital needed this mobi for our open heart recovery program. I worked with a Clinical Nurse Specialist to write a grant for this product. I am so excited to bring the mobi to our program.”

Celina Adams
John C. Lincoln - Phoenix, AZ

“We walked a vented patient with the mobi and it was awesome! This helped her physically and emotionally.”

Natalie Hariel
Tulane Medical Center - New Orleans, LA

“I am a nurse in a cardiovascular ICU… Our goal for patients is to ambulate to the chair 2 hours after extubation, often the evening of surgery day. Our patients are up and walking with central venous catheters, swan ganz catheters, chest tubes, foley catheters, and with IV medications infusing. The ambulation of these patients would not be possible without the mobi walker. Every bit of equipment that these patients need can be carried on the walker while providing the stability of a standard walker… It is an essential piece of equipment for us and we couldn’t provide the care and therapies we do without it.”

Katherine Whitfield
Athens Regional Medical Center - Athens, GA

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